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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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e.r. at kaiser in antioch when a nurse recognized him from pictures on social media. deputies tell us that schultz had spent the night at this home in discovery bay. neighbors say five children live there, and it is believed schultz is friend with one of the older siblings. >> a crime, difficult to comprehend. >> this is such a family oriented community. felt so safe. >> sheriff's deputies say the nine-year-old boy stabbed in his home in discovery bay, likely knew his alleged attacker. >> we believe that the suspect is friends with one of the siblings of the house. >> reporter: the boy died from his wounds. contra costa county sheriff's deputies served for 18-year-old william schultz who had taken a truck from the home and sped away. >> we don't know where he is traveling. >> neighbors searched for answers. >> it's so out of the blue. as long as we've lived here we
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went lock our doors. >> word spread quickly, with some telling us he may have been treated for mental health issues. he was arrested at kaiser hospital when someone called in a tip after recognizing him in froms on social media. the family left the hospital, saying they had no comment. the loss, clearly devastating. >> of course to have it happen to a child is completely heartbreaking. >> in discovery bay, abc7 news news. >> police want to find the person who ran away after stabbing a 19-year-old map to death. the victim's friends say they saw him fighting with a person around 7:30 last night. detectives believe the victim may been targeted. his attacker wore a dark heed sweatshirt and blue jeans. >> a high school soccer coach accused of trying to have
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section with a teenaged player. this unanimous julian vargas was arrested. he coaches jr. varsity soccer. detectives believe vargas may have contacted other girls as well. >> the governor's deployed an urban search and rescue team from california to aid the earthquake response in nepal. nearly 2500 people have died in the earthquake including those buried in an avalanche on mount everest. here's the very latest. >> reporter: at everest base camp, he and his team react not a moment too soon. >> go, go. >> reporter: win ten seconds the avalanche is on top of them. the death toll is growing steadily, at least three americans are among the victims. dozens more are trapped above base camp. the avalanche is blocking their path down.
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dangerous rescue operations even more perilous. >> have to get down. there's no possible route. >> just got some fresh tremors. >> reporter: on the highest peaks, the tremors are triggering further avalanches. from this glacier today and it didn't seem so good. seemed loose. >> reporter: he is close by where all the climbers are now accounted for. this is what everybody in nepal is hoping for. that man trapped alive in the rubble. the police force is working night and day pulling survivors out destroyed buildings, proving there is still time to save lives. saturday's massive 7.8 earthquake is being fold up by large aftershocks. thousands are dead. across the region thousands more
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are injured. right now there is focus on mount everest and those colonialers stuck precariously on the edge of the worldest highest peak. abc news. london. >> tonight in san francisco group with loved ones in nepal gather to mourn the lives lost in the quake and avalanche. sergio quintana is live now at the ferry building. >> reporter: there is a small but very active police community in this area and this event is a chance for many of them to come together and begin raising funds so they can send back their families who are struggling through the devastation of this earthquake. a few dozen people turned out for this event at the ferry building, many of them in this group have been trying to keep tabs on loved ones in nepal but the damaged communication infrastructure there has not made that easy. many here also say they're beginning to collect funds so they can send to their families in the rural areas that have
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been hit just as bad as the capitol of kathmandu, but we're told the situation is more dire for survivors in those rural areas because there are precious few resources available. >> there's no even rescue team there. they can help. nobody is going out there because it's up in the hill. >> reporter: so, these bay area organizations are coming together so they can raise funds and other resources so they can send to nepal's rural communities. some here are even hoping to book tickets to the devastated country so they can hand deliver support if needed. now, the immediate concern for a lot of the people here has simply been trying to contact their family members to see if they've survived, and as i'm talking to a lot of them this afternoon, what they're very worried about is a lot of the dispatches they're now seeing of those family members in nepal suffering through not having homes because they've collapsed and also the government is telling people not to go back
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into their homes because of those ongoing aftershocks and concerns that what is left will collapse. reporting live, abc7 news. >> thank you. information is trickling into the office of the nepal youth foundation in sausolito. the organization provided scholarships for teenagers in nepal since 1990. one staff member describes what the earthquake's impact is doing to the people there. >> there's no electricity so communication has been a little tough. and it's that way all the time really. electricity is sporadic there. the infrastructure is not very strong in a lot of ways. so in particular with this earthquake it's going to be even harder. >> the nepal youth foundation plans to raise money to help relief efforts. if you would like to help in rescue and recovery efforts in nepal, head to our web site we have information there abc7 we'll have continuing coverage of the nepal earthquake on air and online at
6:07 pm and our reporting continues now on twitter@abc7 news bay area. >> highway 1 in marin county is open after a trafficker truck crashed spilling a bunch of milk. the driver lost control around a curve a mile north of nick's cove. 4,000-gallons of milk looked out. some swept into the creek. hundred gallons of diesel fuel also spilled. none of the milk spilled into the bay. >> still ahead at 6:00 thousands of students forced to end their higher education early as their schools suddenly close. >> also, security changes coming to lax because of a threat from overseas. >> bay area officials worried about a growing safety concern at the golden gate bridge. >> i'm abc7 meteorologist drew tuma spectacular day across the bay. the warming trend continues tomorrow in some spots getting hot. the details in the full
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accuweather forecast ahead.
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students will encounter
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closed signs tomorrow arm a college -- 16,000 students attend heeled college and other schools run by corinthian colleges. they tried to sell the schools but the company is blaming government regulators with making the sale unattractive to possible buyers. >> if you're flying into lax you'll notice moyer police. security is stepped up at the airport and other parts of southern california after a new isis-related terror threat. the calls for attacks on uniformed personnel but no specific plot. passengers will notice increased security screenings and randall dom searches of luggage. the golden gate bridge officials want help with a drone problem at the bridge. they say the unmanned aircraft are flying past security fences and sense are sos where -- sensors where no photograph isy allowed and one crash landed on the bridge.
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the golden gate transportation district is asking senator dianne feinstein and the faa for regulations that would cite drone operators for trespassing in offlimit areas. >> up next at 6:00 the uc berkeley teen getting creative to bring cheap and clean power to rural africa. >> part of the bay area is about to warm up. drew tuma tells you who is going to feel the heat. >> in sports, bob melvin ended up a spectator today. we'll show you
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we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa! but they didn't know they were all tobacco products. ooh this is cool. it smells like gum. yummy. this smells like strawberry. ooh, are these mints? with colorful packaging and fruit and candy flavors that kids love, who do you think tobacco companies are targeting? do we get to keep any?
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bay area baseball fans are teaming up to help the troops overseas. abc7 was at san jose's municipality stadium where the san jose giants host evidence operation care and comfort. dozen of volunteers box up packages with food and clothing, many volunteers are veterans or in the military. >> a way to give back. i remember i never got the chance to get deployed but i have a lot of friends deployed, and they look forward to these packages. >> among the treats they're
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getting, girl scout cookies packaged and donated be the girls. >> a team of current and former u.k. c berkeley has created a one of a kind microsolar grid that will provide low-cost power to a uganda. in june they team will head there to set it up. right now they're forced to use expensive diesel generators and dirty kerosene lamps. the solar grid will run around the clock and information provide will allow the team make adjustments for future projectses if you want to help fund the project, visit the link crowd >> no shortage of sunshine here. >> plenty of it and more to come as meteorologist drew tuma joins us now. >> the sunshine and high pressure combo is going to warm
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us up heading back to work and school. live doppler 7hd showing you dry skies prevail today with plenty of sunshine and under the sunny skies temperatures had a nice recovery. open up almanac you can see temperatures at or slightly before normal this time of the year. san jose, 72. san francisco, oakland, mid-to upper 60s. just a few degrees above the normal high of 66. live look from the san jose camera showing you in the south bay, nothing but blue skies out there. and comfortable temperatures this eveningful right now, san francisco, checking in at 61. oakland, 69. san carlos 64. san jose, 68. morgan hill, low 70s, and half moon bay, 55. another gorgeous shot from the mt. tam cam showing you the bay looking south and just a gorgeous end to the weekend. lots of sunshine as the sun goes down at 7:53 this evening. temperature-wise, santa rosa,
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76. napa 68. fairfield, concord, 73. livermore, a degree below that at 72. satellite and radar shows you the warmup is underway. high pressure slowly moving in, and as it does this dome of heat is going to go right over us tomorrow and really warm up our temperatures tomorrow afternoon. so look at our microclimate. highs for monday half boon bay -- half moon bay 63. east bay, mid-to-upper 70s oakland, 76. walnut creek the heat is cranking, 96. antioch, 90-degree warmth by monday afternoon with a temperature of 89. the summer preview only last can for one day. the reason why, a cold front lingers and it's not going to have any moisture associated with it, just cooler temperatures on the way for tuesday. so tuesday afternoon we wipe
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away the 80s. only upper 70s in our locations. 76, santa rosa, 79 in antioch. after flirting with 90s on monday. around the bay 60s, along the coast, temperatures in the up 50s, overnight lows tonight clear sky, 68, san -- i should say 50 san francisco, 48 oakland, fairfield, 49. then highs monday very summer-like, lots of sunshine. up to 88. 82347 concord. 84 santa rosa, 70 in san francisco. 82 san jose, polted 79. here's the accuweather forecast. the cold front slides through on tuesday. sunshine on wednesday, and if you leak the summer preview it comes back again thursday and friday, with temperatures well above normal for the first day of may on friday. >> very good. thank you drew.
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>> in sports tonight this a's were trying to avoid being swept by a astros at the coliseum on a day that saw mild managerred manager bob melvin get ejected. all happened on scout day. should be on best behavior on scout day. tension starts in the third. craig gentry at the place. that's clearly ball four. not called by the umpire. fourth, that was clearly a strike but called a ball, and melvin gets right into wolcott's face. he was ejected be the same umpire last year so they have some history. seventh inning, tied. the former cal bear base hit. gentry scores, can they hold the lead? no. top nine, bases loaded, gattis, tomahawks one sam fuld stomach els and it's over his head. a's now 0-8. clifford takes the loss the
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a's get swept 7-6. the giants, their game in colorado today against the rockies postponed because of rain. no makeup date has been announced. the giants now head to los angeles to face the dodgers minus puig who is heading to the disabled list for the first time in his career. hamstring tightened up on him, aggravated friday night. the giants swept the dodgers at at&t park last week. >> the royals have been fighting with just about everybody but have some talent when they're not trying to punch people in the face. alex gordon makes a great catch in chicago. look at the white sox fan. got knocked over on the play. gordon managed to avoid the little kid there. who was hoping for a souvenir. but cleaned up the white sox fan. kc loss the game. the warriors had this day off after closing out new orleans last night. clean sweep of the dubs. they challenge now for coach steve kerr is keeping the
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warriors fresh because they're going to wait around for a while nor start of round two, beginning next weekend. the clippers may be helping the warrior us out. game four, clippers and spurs today. trying to even the series at 2-2. former warrior jamal crawford, penetrates and then feeds jordan for the flush. former st. mary's star paddy mills playing very well off the bench at 14 points. clippers up four at the half. chris paul cp3 republic willed the clippers to victory. had 34. rivers. the clippers need bench production. he provided 16. clippers win so the series now tied at 2-2. as they head back to l.a. the cavs swept the celtics but it was costly. kevin love tangled up with kelly olynyk. he said olink did it on purpose. his status is in question.
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kyrie irving sweet move. 24 points, lebron james doing lebron james type things. two assists shy of a triple-double. 27 points, ten board eight assists. the cavs sweep boston. warriors gm bob meiners accept cruz right now for the d league championship. the cubs are facing the fort wayne mad ants. blake griffin's older brother dunks like a griffin. with authority right there. williams, 15 in the first half 23 in the game thus far. santa cruz leading by seven and james michael maca dooheadded 21, the warriors closing in on the first d-league title. it's 102-87 late in the fourth. >> final round of the swinging skirts at lake merced. morgan pressle has not won an lpga event since 2008. led most of the day.
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droops it in. she was the leader at 8-under but the defending champ makes the clutch putt on 18. 2-under sos the co-leader pressle playing in the gripe behind has this birdie for the win. left short. even par 72 for her. right now lydia cohen and morgan pressle are in a playoff at lake merced. >> mad ants. that's a new one. >> could be the red ants but they're not mad enough because they're losing. >> exactly. thanks larry. next at 6:00, "fast & furious" back on top of the box office, but there's a new challenge are on the hours expected to
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join us on kofy tv20. the new human-like approach being taken to help save young elephants. >> then at 11:00, a new effort by fans trying to bring mctremendousy back to "50 shades of grey's anatomy. >> furious 7 cruised to a fourth straight box office win but there's a new blockbuster likely to end the run next weekend. >> it's opening april 3rd. furious 7 made $320 million domestically, more than a billion internationally.
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top grossing film ever in china. furious 7 pulled in another 18 million in the u.s. this weekend. paul blart paul cop -- mall cop ii returned to second place with 15 million. >> that's called payback. romance fantasy, debuted in third with 13 million. home and ex-machine round out the top five. next weanend, avenge jerries debuts in the u.s. >> i will be there for that. >> we can al agree on one. thank you for watching.
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. that has a condition, the same scar. >> doing good. because -- because i have a -- >> always -- >> on the family foundation. >> i couldn't imagine what it's like for these children not to have the opportunity to spend a week in a park, a camp and just have a great time swimming and forgetting about the issues they're dealing with. just


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